Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to use the 10,00 Hosts document automation platform?

We charge a one time $150 fee (US) to use this platform.

Note that you will also need to pay a $200 filing fee to the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) when you submit your Demand for Arbitration.  10,000 Hosts is not affilaited with AAA. 

What do I receive for my $150 payment?
  • Full use of our document automation system to generate and file a single Demand for Arbitraiton with AAA.
  • We provide support videos explaining how to fill out and file the “Demand For Arbitration.”
  • We provide sample language for your legal claims and demand for relief which you can review, edit and use as you choose.
  • The ability to edit your Demand for Aribtration at any time before filing.
  • We provide detiailed instructions for filing and prosecuting your “Demand For Arbitration” with the American Arbitration Association.
  • We provide support videos after you file and as you go through the arbitration process.
  • We provide sample discovery requests, legal arguments and other support documents you can use and modify, if you so choose, as part of your  arbitration claim.
What do we mean by self-help?
  • The Airbnb Terms of Service and the Consumer Arbitration Rules allow you to represent yourself.
  • This is a DYI Platform.  
  • We are not your attorney, and your use of the Platform does not create any attorney-client privilege or attorney-client relationship.
  • We have not analyzed your particular situation. Your attorney may also use this Platform on your behalf.

Can I use this system to file a Demand for Arbitration with AAA if I am outside the US and/or my properties are outside the US?

Yes,  the Airbnb Terms of Service give you  the right to file for consumer arbitration using AAA.

Who is the guy in the video?

Enrico Schaefer is an attorney with the national law firm Traverse Legal, PLC representing hosts and property managers pursuing arbitration claims against Airbnb for Covid-19 refunds. He is not your attorney.  He is not providing you legal advice.  But he has exeprience in filing COVID-19 refund claims agasint Airbnb. 

What if I want Traverse Legal, PLC to represent me?
  • You should still use the Platform and go through the process. 
  • If you are a qualified host, Traverse Legal will contact you and discuss possible representation.
  • Traverse Legal will give you credit for the $150 fee you are paying to use this Platform if they agree to accept your case and you decide to retain Traverse Legal, all of which would be agreed upon in a separate written and signed Agreement of Retention with Traverse Legal.
  • Traverse Legal is  accepting qualified cases with sizable damage claims on a contingency fee basis.
Can we share these videos and documents you provide us in this system?
  • No.  These materials are copyright protected. You are being provided a license for a single use of all documents provided per arbitration filing. You may not share, public, reproduce, transform or create derivative works of these videos or documents.
  • By using this Platform, you are representing that …
    • You are a host or an attorney representing a host and have a good faith intent to file a claim against Airbnb
    • You are not employed by Airbnb, or acting as a representative or agent of Airbnb.
    • You will not use the information, videos, and documents contained herein for any improper purpose or other purpose absent prior, written permission from us.
  • By using this Platform, you agree ..
    • To use this system for your own arbitration claim.
    • To use this system with a single filing for arbitration.
    • That you will not share the documents provided herein with any third party, except your internal team and as otherwise required by the American Arbitration Association for filing.