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BIRMINGHAM, MI – Collective Action Through Individual Arbitrations. 10,000 Hosts is a  document automation and self-help service assisting and inspiring  Airbnb hosts who want to file arbitrations against Airbnb for violating Airbnb’s terms of service, misrepresenting it’s policies and engaging in consumer deception, primarily for COVID-19 refunds to guests. By creating a platform that inexpensively assists hosts in filing and winning arbitrations, 10000hosts.com seeks to empower the true creators of the sharing economy, Airbnb’s hosts who pay the mortgages, hire the workers, do the work and take the financial risks involved in sharing their homes with travelers and create five-star guest experiences. By empowering thousands of individual arbitrations and standing together, hosts are finally demanding accountability and transparency from Airbnb as a short term and long-term the booking platform.

The Issues: Over the last three months Airbnb has created new refund policies to override the cancellation policies previously agreed to between hosts and guests, applying them retroactively to existing reservations. Airbnb then interfered with the customer service being provided by hosts to guests working through COVID-19 travel issues, converted reservation payouts belonging to hosts for its own purposes, sought to cover-up its actions and upsetting both hosts and travelers in the process. Airbnb violated its own Terms of Service and policies in converting over $2 billion dollars in money belonging to hosts for to bolster its own goodwill and IPO valuation.

Airbnb’s public relations spin suggested that Airbnb was altruistically responding to travel concerns caused by the pandemic. But Airbnb’s attorneys had previously decided that pandemics were not a valid reason to override the agreed 50-50 split of risk on cancellations by guests. Neither Booking.com nor VRBO interfered with the relationship between hosts and guests. Neither Booking.com nor VRBO changed their policies and applied them retroactively to existing reservations violating their own requirement to provide 30 days’ notice prior to effectuating changes.


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Airbnb Host ArbitrationWe not only hlep you file your arbitration demand, but to win yoru arbitation claim. 

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What Are Your Legal Claims Against Airbnb?

We are a Michigan, LLC formed for the sole purpose of empowering Airbnb hosts with claims agasint Airbnb for interfering with host relationships with their guests and instigating COVID-19 refunds without host consent. Attorney Enrico Schaefer conceived, designed and implemented this document automation system and will provide resources throughout the arbitration process to help you navigate and win your claims. 

To use our platform you pay a one time $150 flat fee.  When you file for arbitration, you will need to pay a filing fee to the American Arbitration Association to start your case.  For a total of $350, you can start your arbitration claim agasint Airbnb.