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Account Termination or Deactivation.

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“Brought to You By Hosts.” 

Airbnb’s marketing campaign for the last year has used the tagline “brought to you by Hosts.” Airbnb is correct. Hosts do all the work and take all the risks. Hosts create five-star guest experiences. 

Yet, Hosts have almost no control over their payouts, rental contracts, or reservations. Hosts have no choice but to ‘trust’ Airbnb and VRBO to make good on their promises. Hosts have no leverage or reasonable way to resolve disputes when Airbnb’s promises prove empty. 

Airbnb promises to protect hosts, provide insurance against loss and respect your cancelation policy. Too often, Airbnb does not. Airbnb is now a publicly traded company. The beancounters and lawyers will continue to take more unless we stand together.

There are over 6 million hosts in the world. Imagine if we formed our own organization controlled by hosts, with a community treasury funded by NFT sales, and democratically exerted our considerable collective influence? 

Transparency and Accountability. 

Airbnb Hosts have been demanding accountability and transparency from Airbnb for years without success. We were promised a partnership that has not been delivered – and never will – if we don’t change the game. Airbnb refuses to tell why Airbnb makes seemingly arbitrary decisions. Airbnb support is too often worthless. At a minimum, Airbnb hosts are entitled to know why Airbnb has made a decision that affects payouts, cancelations, refunds, account termination and other issues. 

We Are Here to Help, Not Hurt. 

We are here for a change, not to complain. Individually, Hosts are powerless. Together, we are bigger than Airbnb. We won’t seek to hurt Airbnb and VRBO. We think Airbnb (and VRBO) can do better. We think delivering on the promise of a true partnership will take these platforms to heights they can’t imagine.  

Hosts Built Airbnb. 

Airbnb profits from our homes, payouts, guests, and our hard work. It is time to level the playing field by standing together and recording our status as STR Hosts on the blockchain, creating a decentralized democratic organization controlled by STR hosts, and funding a community treasury with NFT sales to support projects and causes voted on by the Community.

My Name Is Enrico Schaefer. 

I am a blockchain, NFT, and STR expert. I am also a well-known lawyer in the STR Host community who has been standing up for the Host for years. I have represented hundreds of hosts and spoken to thousands of Airbnb Hosts from all over the world. I understand the inequities of the game. 

Blockchain + Community Can Change Everything.

You may not know much about blockchain and have heard only negative things about NFTs. Much of the hype around specific NFT projects is unwarranted. But some NFT projects have been incredibly successful at building and empowering communities. And we have a fantastic advantage. Our numbers are enormous. We are already organized on social media and regularly collaborate to help each other. We are the perfect Community to use blockchain and NFT technology for community building. I invite you to join me, the team we are building, and our growing STR Host community. Together, we can achieve amazing things. 

Purchasing a Phase One 10k Host Community NFT for ~$100 (US) records your status as an STR Host on the blockchain, sends a strong signal to the big platforms that Hosts stand together, and empowers us to execute on our whitepaper. This initial token sale is step one. There are over 6 million STR hosts. If we can achieve .02% participation, Airbnb and VRBO will not only have to let us sit at the table but make changes that will provide certainty, reduce risk and improve the home-sharing economy for everyone. Our Roadmap is aspirational but achievable. 

But Nothing Bad Has Ever Happened To Me. 

We love being part of the sharing economy when things are going great on Airbnb and VRBO. But if something goes wrong (a guest burns your house down, deals drugs out of your home, threatens you with violence, extorts you with threats of unjustified bad reviews, or Airbnb refuses to make payouts), you are powerless standing alone. These things happen daily and can happen to any of us at any time. Too often, Airbnb fails to provide customer support, stands behind its promises, and hides behind its lawyers. I know. I represent Hosts who have the unthinkable happen. We are ready for change. 

It’s Our Damn Kitchen Table! 

We provide homes, condos, management, and five-star service. We pay the mortgages and the cleaning crews and take risks. We should get a seat at that table, a say on the terms and policies, and be able to resolve genuine disputes quickly, fairly, and efficiently. We deserve fair terms of service, accountability, and transparency. 

Join us by Buying a Community NFT. 

We offer these Phase One ‘Community NFTs’ (cNFT) to anyone who wants to support the Host community. Learn about the immediate benefits here. 

You will need to own a cNFT to be a member of our Community and gain access to our Discord server and to purchase a DAO NFT (dNFT). You wil need a dNFT:

  1. Become a member of the 10,000 Host Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
  2. Vote on proposals
  3. Vote on the use of treasury funds. 

Read our Roadmap to learn more about how we build this Community, our goals, and our vision. 

The 10k Host DAO Community Treasury.

With these NFT sales, we are building a community treasury to fund projects proposed by hosts and voted on by hosts. With minimal individual investments, we can raise (tens of?) millions of dollars placed in a community treasury to support the Host community, engage in advocacy, and take our first steps toward a better STR platform experience for Hosts, Guests, and Airbnb/VRBO. By funding the community treasury, we can change the game, reduce the significant risks of home sharing, and build a better home-sharing future. 

We invite you to record your status as a Host by purchasing a 10k Host Community NFT (~ $100 US Dollars for Phase One Tokens) so that we can start executing our vision and Roadmap. 

Together, we are bigger than Airbnb and VRBO.

 There are over 6 Million Airbnb and VRBO Hosts. Using the incredible power of blockchain technology & NFTs, we are building the largest Host Community in the world.

Join us. 

Collective Action – Advocacy Tokens – NFTs for Good